Effects of watching too much tv

watching-too-much-tvNowadays, there is a television in every house because offers opportunities like news and entertainment. Children spend lots of time while they are . is harmful for children for two reasons:physical effects and psychological effects.

Firstly, watching too much TV has physical effects on children. While children watch TV, they sit and eat something all day so they may be obese. Also TV spreads radiation.This radiation may cause cancer. So watching too much TV is harmful on children’s health.



Another negative effect of TV on children is that they can not socialise. They spend lots of time at home and they don’t talk to anyone. So they can not be successful in friendships and other relationships.

To conclude, we should consider negative effects of TV and we should be careful while our children are watching TV. We shouldn’t allow them to watching too much TV.

This text is my essay from prep-school. Please, do not share social media and another websites. If I made some mistakes, write it that is correct, please (:

So, what do you think about watching too much TV?


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